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Services Offered 

  • Family Law – including divorce, maintenance, and custody disputes.

  • Arbitration, Mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. (Appointed to the AFSA general commercial panel and the legal council panel of arbitrators.)

  • Commercial and Corporate Law and Litigation.

  • Trust Law.

  • Security disputes including Construction and Building Performance Guarantees, Suretyship, Cessions, Mortgage Bonds and the like.

  • Insurance Law.

  • Immovable property transactions including property disputes.

  • Wills and testamentary law.

  • Liquidations and Sequestrations.

  • Shareholder’s, Members, Partnership Agreements and Disputes - Litigation

  • Employment and Service Agreements.

  • Intellectual Property Law including Trade-Mark disputes.

  • Unlawful Competition Disputes and Resolution.

  • Restraint of Trade Disputes and Resolution.

  • Law of Delict and Contract.

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